Project: SA Water Tank Rehabilitation

Client: JMA Engineering

Rehabilitation of the large number of SA Water Tanks around South Australia required accurate engineering survey and 3D Laser Scanning services.
Mapping Services Australia has been contracted by JMA Engineering to undertake the detailed 3D scanning and survey of these tanks.

Using  3D Laser Scanners the tanks can be accurately measured internally and externally.

3D Laser scanners provide a safe and efficient way to survey engineering construction project.

Mapping Services Australia use the compact Leica BLK 360 laser scanner. The BLK 360 provides excellent scan results and is small and light enough to be used in any situation.  
Combined with a magnetic mount, the BLK 360 can be suspended from internal tank beams to produce an accurate model of the structure.

3D Scanning Services

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Mapping Services Australia has the survey equipment, software and skilled surveyors to assist.

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Leica BLK360

Leica BLK 360

  • Weighs 1kg / Size 165 mm tall x 100 mm diameter  
  • Less than 3 minutes for full-dome scan (in standard resolution) and 150 MP spherical image generation
  • 360,000 laser scan pts/se
  • HDR and thermal imaging

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