Project: Riverland Trail

Client: Riverland Trail Steering Committee

“The Riverland Trail concept outlines a 200 kilometre walking and cycling trail, navigating some of the region’s most stunning and iconic natural Murray River landscapes. It will pass through national parks, conservation areas, local attractions and towns, while connecting another 50km of existing tracks and trails scattered across the region. It’s anticipated this trail will boost regional visitation by thousands of people each year, with the aim to become one of the world’s greatest eco-tourism assets and bolster economic growth upwards of $1million per year.” Riverland Trails Concept Plan 2019.

Mapping Services Australia has been engaged by the Riverland Trail Steering Committee to provide mapping services and support. The maps produced for this project provide and important visualisation of the current trails around the region along with the route of the proposed Riverland Trail.

Mapping Services

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